Class Calander

November 3

November 5
Prerendered and Generative Video
Demo: Scripting Prerendered Video with Macromedia Director

November 10
Manipulated Playback
Demo: Quicktime Lingo in Macromedia Director

November 12
Computational 3D in Maya
Guest: Henning Koczy will present work don in Maya's built in scripting language, MEL.

November 17
Repurposed Tools and Applescript
Guest: Eric Williams will introduce "Face to Face" a project for the Kalamazoo Institute of Art.

November 24
Database Cinema
Guest: Steve Dietz will present various projects related to computational video and database cinema.

November 26
Holiday: Thanksgiving

December 1
Guest: Mike Beery will present his Machinima projects, and demo some popular tools.

December 3
Realtime Video Filters
Demo: Realtime Video Filters In C.

December 8
Student Presentations

December 10
Student Presentations