Manipulated Video Lab

In class lab exploring manipulating video playback using lingo within Maromedia Director. Lab materials available in downloads section.

Video Concerns
Always Linked Media
Direct To Stage
Video Lingo
Picture Sequences (Performance, Convienience)

DV Lingo
Sprite Properties
Controls the rate at which a digital video in a specific channel plays.
Use to Pause, Play, Reverse, etc.

The current playing time, in milliseconds, for a sound sprite, QuickTime digital video sprite
Use to rewind video, jump to a specific time, scrub, etc.

This property indicates the digital video's duration. The value is in ticks.

Member Properties
Cast member property; determines whether the specified digital video, sound, or Flash movie cast member is set to loop (TRUE) or not (FALSE).

Used to have lingo set the directToStage media handling of a given video member.

determines whether a digital video movie cast member shows or hides its controller

Mono*Crafts Clockblock ->
Mono*Crafts Industrious ->
Mono*Crafts Gasbook 10 ->
Mono*Crafts Nervous Matrix 02 ->

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Telematic Dreaming