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Assignment: Navigation

Using only non-representational elements-interpreted or affected however you wish-and a variety of sounds and colors, create a program and interface that allows the user to navigate the predefined structure (see illustration). Through consistent visual design and user feedback, the user should always maintain an understanding of where he or she is within the program and, more importantly, where he or she can go. Create a clear sense of orientation for the user within an interestingly designed and engaging environment. Use both backing and incidental sound to support the project.


Begin: October 9
Due: October 23


Study the provided structure. Each point in the structure exhibits particular navigational options and restrictions. Consider how each point is similar or different to the other points. How can you express these options in a clear and consistent manner?

How can your represent the structure without your piece feeling fragmented? Rather than moving the user from visual area (page) to visual area (page), can you design a project that all takes place in a single visual environment.

The structure begins at a single point from which the user can move into three areas. These areas offer further choices. How can you reflect this in the visual and audio elements presented at each step? Consider how this grouping can be shown in texture, shape, color, scale, rhythm, tone.

How can transitions aid in explaining structure?

Navigational Structure