In the summer and fall I worked with Eric Ishii Eckhardt , Matt Kiedrowski and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design to redesign and reimplement the MCAD.EDU website.

I don't usually include my commercial work on Volcano Kit, but this project was in many ways a personal project as well. I have a great deal of respect for MCAD, its faculty, and students, and it was exciting to have an opportunity to help build such an important representation of the school.

Eric and I worked together tightly in the first part of the summer to establish a visual identity for the site. As this phase of the project took shape, I worked with Matt in designing a custom web based content management system that would enable MCAD to easily enter and maintain the array of visual and textual on the site. During the second part of the summer, Matt and I worked on implementing this system, building the flash components, and testing the site. Matt continued to push the project forward into the fall, as the last technical components were completed, and the content was put online.

Eric Ishii Eckhardt: Design (Helveticore)
Matt Kiedrowski: CMS Design and Development (GoodDaySam)
Christopher Schons: Illustration (Polaire Online)

But hey, why look at images, when you could go look at the site itself?